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the middle east. he said president george w. bush urged hosni mubarak to move toward a more democratic post tour but president obama abandoned the freedom agenda and we're seeing a whirlwind of tur molt because the nations did not em grace the reforms that could have changed the course of their his tri in a more peaceful manner. what do you make of that comment? >> i think this is a great example of romney sort of using foreign policy as a way to mischaracterize the president's record. i think from the president's cairo speech all the way through his actions during the egyptian revolution, it's been clear which side the united states is on and that is on the side of democracy and freedom. what romney fails to do each and every time is really layout how his policy would be different. what specifically would he do differently and we haven't heard from him on those issues. the american people frankly deserve to know that. >> we know now there was a contingency plan shared with attacking iran if any kind of diplomacy should fail and looks like they are getting a nuclear weapon.
the prosperity of the '90s. they are people whose main experiences were in the last decade under george w. bush, during the financial crisis, during the iraq war. >> and you write of them, you know, you say that there was a lot of emphasis on -- they were idealistic. all of these people are very idealistic. a lot of emphasis on diplomacy rather than more of the hawkish tactics of the administration that preceded them. and you said this about them. you said the obamians tended to know less about the nuances and subtleties of the issues and less concerned about the practical details of governance. they were, however, more adept at providing a determined opposition to the republicans and much better at figures out what to say in the public about foreign policy. tell me how that maybe has evolved for them over the past few years. >> right. it's interesting, because those -- i wrote those words about them during -- as they were in 2008, they were more politically attuned, i think, than not just the mccain forces but also hillary clinton's team. and as it's evolved, they are still intensely political
reform in the bush era, because it was not successful for the republican party. and even george w. bush in his memoir rewritwrites he regrets pursuing it in 2005. he told some of his colleagues at the time, don't worry. this isn't the third realm of the politics anymore. >> it was. >> and it was. and the reason i went through that history is because he's back now with much bolder, more ambitious plans and he's convinced you and all of your republican colleagues to walk off the plank and vote for what democrats think is a very controversial agenda. >> oh, my. >> well, it's a very compassionate budget actually. >> i want to hear your response to this. about y but at the time that ryan put his budget out first in 2008 and then he modified it in recent years, a lot of republican pollsters are saying don't vote from this, stay away from this. and boehner, the republican minority leader at the time, made sure that republicans in the house of representatives did not embrace it in 2010. >> i did. >> you did? >> yes. >> and you ran on it? >> i did. >> and you won? >> yes. in a challenger race. >
'll get a colder reception. remember, senator john mccain spoke here in 2008 when then governor george w. bush was running. he also spoke to the naacp during the campaign. i think people are asking for is what is he going to say in terms of specifics. that is, he likely is going to talk about the economy. when you look at the plaque unemployment rate, over 14%. among the youth, 20%. housing. 53% of black wealth has been wiped out because of the housing crisis. so what will he do to change that, to fix that. not broad issues, specifics. that's what folks are looking for. >> one columnist basically wrote a draft speech. here, if i were, mr. romney, here's what i would say. he says he should say, today, i serve notice that we intend to do something we've not done for more than 50 years, compete for your votes. for far too long, the democratic party has been allowed to depend on your support while offering you little in return. for far too long, it's gotten away with taking you for granted. do you think that that is true? >> i think he should -- i think those are things he should say. the re
here, margaret hoover, author of "american individualism", her work in the george w. bush white house and abby huntsman and ryan lizza, welcome. >> good to be here. >> i got a good night's sleep, very important when the alarm goes off at 2:00 a.m. kids decideded to play with fire on the olympic level. this is coventry england, you see the kids trying to grab it. security saying, i don't think so. they got past actually for a moment these highly trained security teams to get to the runner holding the torch. they are thinking about it, thinking about it and bye-bye. you said this is exactly what your kids would have done, ryan? >> they seemed innocent here. they weren't -- >> where were their parents? >> let's be very clear. >> of course they had no weapons. >> how did the security het them get that snar. >> being from atlanta, you saw this coming into atlanta and it's pretty well oiled machine, you know. >> to be clear, ryan, your kids are 2 and 4. >> 5 and 3 and they would have gotten the torch, i think. they would have gotten away with it. >> high aspirations for her children. >> if
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)